Ging Grai, Thai restaurant with homecooked meals from four regions, is uniquely created by Isan Jantra, Chiang Mai based restaurant brand founded by Thanaruek (Eh) Laoraovirodge. The restaurant’s name is taken from grai tree, a sea fig which is one of the first trees planted at Supanniga Home in Khon Kaen. A 38-year-old tree in the ficus genus, same as banyan tree, means a lot to Khun Eh and his family as it is at the center of Supanniga Home and its branches have provided shades from the sun as well as refuge of tranquility for more than three decades.   

Grai tree also has a majestic meaning beyond personal level as it is the tree that plays significant role in history of Buddhism besides bodhi and banyan trees. It is under the grai tree that the fourth Buddha of Theravada Buddhism, Dipankara Buddha, reached enlightenment eons prior to the Guatama Buddha, the historical and most recent one.

Grai tree is known for its ability to branch out further than many trees, together with strong roots that are able to burrow deep and expand further. The use of grai tree in the name of Ging Grai reflects restaurant’s inspiration to establish a strong foundation for Thai regional cuisines to branch out and expand through the land, both locally and globally.  

The restaurant represents a life journey and culinary experience of Khun Eh and his families; from the East, Isan, Central Region and the North. It is a product of combined knowledge, identity and experiences. It aims to cater lifestyle of modern generation, who moves in fast pace and yearns for the taste of homecooked meals. This includes Chiang Mai locals and visitors of Chiang Mai, from both domestic and international origins. The brand also intends to extend globally at opportune time.

กิ่งของต้นไกรที่แตกออกไปไกลมากกว่าที่เคยเป็น ด้วยรากไกรที่แข็งแรงและชอนไชลึก กว้างขวางไป ทั่วแผ่นดิน” คุณเอ้ ธนฤกษ์ เหล่าเราวิโรจน์ (ผู้ก่อตั้งกิ่งไกรและอีสานจันทรากรุ๊ป)


   18 ซ.นิมมานเหมินทร์ 11,
ถ.นิมมานเหมินทร์ , สุเทพ, เมือง, เชียงใหม่,ประเทศไทย 50200 


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